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'Send Video to Mobile' - FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions

'Send Video to Mobile' - FAQ.

  • Q: What's 'Send Video to Mobile'?
  • A: "Send Video to Mobile" is a small button that appears next to each video portal's video. Along with the "Share" and "Embed" buttons, "Send to Mobile" button makes the video downloadable either to the user's personal mobile handset, or allows it to be sent to the user's friends or family.

  • Q: Who is this feature meant for??
  • A: The feature is meant for every website owner who wishes to turn his unique video content downloadable to every mobile handset around the globe, while making money and increasing site traffic on the way. It can also assist video producers to share their products with clients all around the world, at any given time. Plus, TV channels who wish to make great news moments, sports events and/or entertaining moments downloadable to mobile can simply put a message on the TV screen: our systems will do the rest, and have that special moment in every user's handset at no time and at best quality

  • Q: Why should anyone want to consume video content on his mobile?
  • A: The Mobile world is in a clear process of media consolidation: a person's mobile is no longer merely communication tool, but rather it becomes a complete entertainment platform. The screens become bigger, the sound becomes clearer and the memory levels begin to reach those of an average desktop computer. The fact that one keeps his mobile with one self all the time makes the exposure potential of mobile media almost total. In such a world, consumption of video media on the mobile is pretty obvious.

  • Q: Why should I pick MobileNOBO over other companies with resembling offers?
  • A: There are several companies that allow the conversion of video files to mobile formats. However only MobileNOBO gives you the following advantages:

    1. Only MobileNOBO supports over 700 different mobile handsets formats on the fly, allowing the best and most enjoyable viewing experience for the end user.

    1. Only MobileNOBO covers 212 countries around the globe, allowing immediate expansion potential to every video file on the web.

    1. Only MobileNOBO offers global billing solution, so that each revenue share is optimized to reach maximum net profit to be spilt between you and us.

  • Q: Why should users pay for content they can get for free on the web?
  • A: For the same reasons users pay for special TV channels, shows or premium web content. One cannot compare the independence of consuming media on your mobile to that of the web; you consume it whenever and wherever you are. Once advertisers realize that potential, they are bound to agree to carry the cost of each download, thus making the content free of charge for the end user.

  • Q: Isn't it very complicated to implement such a sophisticated system?
  • A: No, on the contrary! The implementation of our "Send to Mobile" button is extremely easy to implement and manage. You simply get a script from us that you embed in your site's HTML code, you design the button to fit your desires and you're ready to make money and expand your site's content coverage!

  • Q: Do I need any previous knowledge in order to allow my site's content to become downloadable through MobileNOBO?
  • A: No previous knowledge is required in order to implement our service: the process is exceptionally easy. If you feel you still need help, we're here to support you within 24 hours.

  • Q: I have a small website with not so much video and picture content - should I bother contacting MobileNOBO?
  • A: Whether your site is small or big: you can always make money out of it! If you still feel you wish you could increase revenues but you don't have enough content, we at MobileNOBO can help you with that as well: we're in hold of an immense amount of excellent licensed content we can affiliate with your site. The profits for each sale will be split between us just as we do with your own content.

  • Q: After I implement this service, who will take care of all the billing and technical aspects
  • A: We, at MobileNOBO, offer you complete and reliable billing and technical solution. We work with the best, most reliable billing companies in the world, while making sure to use the billing solution most suitable to each region we bill in. On the technical side we offer real-time surveillance and support to each of our clients, giving them full transparency regarding their business with us.

  • Q: Online transactions and affiliations can be risky - can I trust MobileNOBO?
  • A: When it comes to selling products and services on the Internet, there is no substitute for a solid reputation. MobileNOBO is recognized as an expert in the field of Internet billing and expertise in mobile billing profession. MobileNOBO delivers valuable and relevant information to all of our clients on a regular basis in order to keep credibility and accountability as top priority.

All questions answered? Want to learn more? Contact one of our sales representatives for any further inquiries and start making money!

Skype: MobileNOBO ICQ: 391-668-714

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