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'Send Video to Mobile' -
Web to mobile video converter in real time, by small script implementation every video from every format can be compressed, converted and sent to any mobile format within seconds in real time on the fly. The Technology supports more than 700 formats and is able to convert the video in real time at an optimal format recommended by the mobile handset device manufacturer. The Technology automatically recognizes the mobile handset device and converts the video on the fly to one out of 700 different mobile video formats, using the mobile handsets Data Base dynamically. The end user will watch the video that fits best to his mobile handset video format and resolution for best possible screening experience.

Converting and Sending Services:

  • Web Video Portals -
    'send video to mobile' button, all your website videos will be downloadable for mobile with fast and easy implementation. Source new revenues from web videos by allowing users to download and purchase them to every handset around the world. In addition to the ability to source new revenues, after the user downloads the video from his mobile handset we are able to create for you a WAP site that contain only one video format of each video (we will automatically convert and send every video to every mobile handset on request), or using your personal WAP site to attract the user to download more videos in one click.

  • TV Channels -
    The MVC (Mobile Video Center) system allows TV channels to use the 'send to mobile' feature live on TV; After clips and sports replays a message will appear on the screen:
    "To download this video send an SMS with the number 121212 to the number: 6500". The system works with a TV digital broadcast studios and is able to convert and send every digital video to every mobile handset in real time.

  • Magazines & Private Video Productions -
    The MVC system allows you to convert every video you have to mobile video format and send the video in real time to any mobile handset in the world. Increase your revenues, expand your traffic and enter the lucrative world of mobile content.

  • Mobile Advertise System -
    Manage and create a Mobile Advertise Campaign, allow advertisers and interactive companies to build a mobile WAP site including mobile video in fast and simple way. The Technology delivers the advertise campaign to all mobile handsets types and generations.

    • Build your own Mobile Campaign: WAP site offers best features to gain valuable product marketing and sales such as: Online Purchases, Online Customer Support, Customer Subscriptions, User Interactive Interface (Ready for Touch Screens) and many more.
      Advertise Methods: SMS WAP-Link Push, SMS Short Code, WAP Advertise, Internet Advertise, Offline Advertise, Bluetooth Push and more.

    • Based on our extensive list of client's satisfaction:The Mobile Advertise System has proven to be the most scalable and cost effective solution to help make your campaign a success.

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