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Nowadays internet marketer must use the right Internet marketing tools to succeed
Marketing Tools :
MobileNOBO created for you tools and features of the most useful Internet marketing tools and will guide you to be more successful with great business venture:

  • Tools:
    MobileNOBO allows you to take advantage of powerful features to develop your marketing and increase your sales and audience:
    Your Website Content - Promote your unique website content by MobileNOBO scripts, the feature will introduce new sales corridor for your website by allowing your website users to purchase your unique website content: Videos, Pictures and Music can all be sold via 'send to mobile' button.

  • On-Line Statistics:
    MobileNOBO Control Panel provide you with on-line statistics on daily basis that you can track your actions every minute, hour and each month. The On-Line Statistics tool provide you full control of your marketing campaign that you will be able to monitor your traffic and get revenues in real time.

  • Promotion:
    MobileNOBO believes that promotion is a vital area in Internet marketing. MobileNOBO provides you with the best tools to promote your website and increase your revenues.

  • Banners:
    MobileNOBO content catalog contains endless amount of items to be sold of all known artists. All artists and record label companies cooperate with MobileNOBO to allow license banners to be created. Therefore all banners we have created for you have the best artists & the best selling bands that will immediately draw more users to your site and increase your sales. All banners can be adapted to your specific needs and desires; we will create for you exactly the banner you ask for with your website requirements: Size, Color, WithWithout Sound and many more customized preference.

  • Updated Content Boxes:
    MobileNOBO mobile content affiliate program has the best real tones and video clips out there. The Content Boxes update automatically which means, that you never have to change anything. With every "Refresh" the newest content will appear in the content area. This is guaranteed to boost your traffic and increase your revenues.

  • SEO:
    MobileNOBO affiliate white label solution already consists all SEO needed to increase the traffic in your site, within weeks your site will appear in search result in all top search engines. MobileNOBO SEO systems automatically create endless amount of content pages to generate more page views and above all your website link will be shared with all our chain of websites great for SEO.

  • E-mail Newsletters:
    MobileNOBO assists you automatically to create your own quality newsletters, offering something genuinely interesting and valuable to website users. MobileNOBO newsletter delivery mechanism assists you to secure the loyalty of your users and remind them about the full range of products you offer.

  • SMS Campaigns:
    SMS marketing campaigns has grown into mainstream communication tool for consumers, reaching them via SMS. SMS becomes an increasingly important strategy for businesses. MobileNOBO SMS marketing campaign system gives you full control over your users; in addition MobileNOBO marketing system has a variety of options and features to help you maximize your SMS campaigns. With simple XML of your site MobileNOB can create for you a Mobile WAP site similar to your website. With the SMS campaign system you can attract your users to log into your WAP site and earn both from web purchase, traffic and WAP.

  • Customization:
    MobileNOBO white label templates have full customization to be adapted to your host website. MobileNOBO allows you to use your own domainsub domain. You increase the number of your website's visitors and your website traffic. All templates have a full choice of over dozens of variable features: Header, Footer, Colors, Fonts, Background, Full CSS and a lot more. White label by definition is custom so if you have special needs, or your own ideas of how we could be assist you, sketch your requirements and we will be happy to provide you with a custom reference.

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