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212 countries - 702 mobile operators, Global Connection = Global Reach.
Global Coverage:
MobileNOBO covers over 702 mobile networks in over 212 countries. Your website can reach the masses, your unique content can be sold all around the globe; increase your traffic to every place on earth!

Global Billing:
With support in more than 212 countries around the world, MobileNOBO billing mechanism can bill your users from every place in the world and boost your sales with global connectivity. MobileNOBO billing solutions are adapted to specific regions, and create efficiency in the billing process for every region and every country.
  • Safe and Secure PayPal and Credit Card Checkouts: Global Billing in 212
    countries through secure PayPal or Credit Card checkout on the Web or on users Mobile Handsets

Mobile Billing - Next Generation:
MobileNOBO reaches the mass audience and has access to more than 33 countries' different billing possibilities, 104 mobile operators and 1.2 billion potential subscribers to make the mobile phone one of the most efficient and direct billing mechanisms available. The billing system recognizes the country the user is located in, and fits the best mobile billing solution for that specific country.
  • Web Opt - User will receive SMS message with a pin code to his mobile handset, he will insert the pin code into the website and receive reverse billed SMS with the requested content
  • Wap Purchases - User will receive an SMS WAP Link to his mobile handset and transferred to a white label WAP checkout site, to make purchase one click away.
  • Short Code - User will send an SMS with the content ID to a Short Code
    (Send '343434' to SMS 6500)

Make Money & Get Paid:
As a MobileNOBO affiliate partner, you can monetize your traffic or content and generate revenues; you can source new income by:
  • Global distribution network covering more than 212 countries
  • Turnkey mobile solutions to monetize traffic and make unique site content profitable
  • Various means of payments (Web-Opt, WAP, Short Code, PayPal, Credit Card)
Every order made by an end user on your web site earns you a commission. Your earning will be paid via PayPal, Checks, and Bank Transfer each month.
The following chart will guide you through your commission rates country by country, product by product.

Payouts Level:
The more you sell the more MobileNOBO pays! This is why the payout rates begin with 60% and can rise as high as to 80% of our margin according to a cleared defined level of sales.

When it comes to selling products and services on the Internet, there is no substitute for a solid reputation. MobileNOBO is recognized as an expert in the field of Internet billing and expertise in mobile billing profession. MobileNOBO delivers valuable and relevant information to all of our clients on a regular basis in order to keep credibility and accountability as top priority.

Advertisers pay for Content:
Advertising and content integration will become a common phenomena in the near future. MobileNOBO technology already adapted for the future, content can be on the advertiser's expanse, the advertise will appear before, during or after the user has watched or listened to the desired content. You, as a website owner that sells advertising on your web, can offer your advertiser to add to his marketing campaign advertising through mobile. MobileNOBO technology is able to integrate content and advertising to allow content to be downloadable for free on the expanse of the advertisers. From now on, in addition to your web traffic which helped you to sell advertise campaign, you have the ability to offer your advertisers to advertise by your mobile channels. The moment the content will be on the expanse of the advertisers and the user will download content for free, the number of downloads will increase, along with the traffic of your website.
The possibilities are endless and your revenues are bound to increase significantly!

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