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Mobile Video Wap Site
MobileNOBO provide a free Video Wap Site.
Video Portal - Monetize Web Video Content

MobileNOBO technology cross platform will automatically monetize your website video content. MobileNOBO 'send video to mobile' button allow your users to be able to purchase and download your unique website videos to any mobile handset in 212 countries world wide. With that once the user view the video on their handset, MobileNOBO technology automatically delivered them more of your uniques video content on each user handset to increase revenues and monetize traffic.

Mobile Video:
Leading web video portals are looking for ways to increase reach, source new revenues and looking for innovative ways to monetize traffic. MobileNOBO 'send to mobile solution deliver all the above free, simple and fast:
  • 'Send to Mobile' feature: MobileNOBO offer for free the 'send video to mobile' button, with easy and fast implementation.MobileNOBO 'send video to mobile' technology is a real time converter support 700 mobile video formats, convert every video to every handset in the globe. With the 'send video to mobile' button your website users will be able to purchase and download videos from web directly to their personal handset.Based on our sales team experience it takes 4 minutes to implement the service and make your video web site's content down loadable for any handset in the world.

  • Mobile Video Site:
  • Easy XML Feed -
  • Video Portal feed our system with XML contained their site videos. Once the XML is in place the system automatically build a Mobile Video Site including all the site web videos.
  • Store only one Video Format -
  • MobileNOBO technology allow you to store only one video format of every content, the conversion to mobile are done in real time, on the fly optimize to the specific user handset taking into consideration the handset manufacture recommendation.
  • Minimize Cost and Servers Usage -
  • MobileNOBO 'send to mobile' service minimize cost of storage and usage to servers. Once everything is integrated, website traffic monetize to mobile automatically. Each video is being converted in real time upon user request.
  • Branded White Labeled Mobile Video Site -
  • After the end user finished viewing a video on his mobile, the system automatically transfer the user to the video portal mobile video site for more purchases and further browsing.The system interface will allow you to brand and customize the Mobile Video Site with logo, colors and extra features, all with no setup fees or monthly costs.

  • World Wide Billing Mechanism: MobileNOBO billing mechanism able video portals to source new revenues from web and mobile. MobileNOBO billing mechanism covered 212 countries world wide, that provide solution for micro billing on the web and on the mobile video site. Based on our experience website traffic become a new revenue tool, for one time purchases and monthly subscription. Thus boost income with no cost!

    Skype: MobileNOBO ICQ: 391-668-714

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