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MobileNOBO white label templates have full customization features to be adapted to your host website. MobileNOBO allows you to use your own sub domain to boost your sales and traffic.

Full Customization:
All templates have a full choice of over dozens of variable features: Header, Footer, Colors, Fonts, Background, Full CSS and a lot more.

White label by definition is custom so if you have special needs, or your own ideas of how we could be assist you, sketch your requirements and we will be happy to provide you with a custom reference.

Use your own Domain:
MobileNOBO allows you to generate both quality content to your site and enjoy the SEO and increase in page rank to your domain:
All you need to do is to create a sub domain to your original website i.e.: (.

MobileNOBO suggests you use mobile as your sub domain, however you can choose any sub domain you prefer i.e: (.

Once you direct the new sub domain please notify We will check that you complete the process using your own domain and send you an e-mail letting you know that your site is ready to use at your new address

Template Style . Every template has is own theme. You can change your website template style on a weekly basis. The variety of themes is endless, and MobileNOBO constantly adding new styles to your Admin Control Panel.
Each template has been designed to entertain your site visitors at the best possible manner: Green Ocean, White Pearl, Purple Curves, Black Oyster, Playground and many more.

Template Language -
MobileNOBO provide you with 13 different languages you can choose from. MobileNOBO content is best optimized to specific regions and locations in order to increase your sales and revenues in your website location.

Template Brand -
MobileNOBO offer you unique template brands and types that you can change depend on your user.s preference.
The variety of brands and types are constantly improving and offer you and your traffic the most enjoyable browsing experience.
Change your template brand to: Hip-Hop, Sports, Games, Best Hits, Best Artist and more.
Change your template Type to: MobileNOBO Editor Choice, Kids and Fun, Hot and Sexy and more.

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